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 The Ice & Golf Center offers a USFS (United States Figure Skating) based program. Classes are offered on Wednesday evenings between 5:15-6:15 PM and Saturday mornings between 10:15-11:15 AM, for ages 4 & up. Learn To Skate classes are for beginners who have never been on the ice and those with some experience. Adult classes are also offered. Skate rental is included with your enrollment, and skaters will receive a pass for discounted public skating sessions. Dress warm; long pants, a jacket or sweater, and gloves are recommended.
Helmets are mandatory for all ages 5 and under
Be sure to sign up early and save $25. For more information contact Betty Standifer at 210.490.9550 x. 226.

*Skaters will be evaluated the first day of class to make sure they are in the correct level.
Coaches may move the skater to a different level if necessary.

 Please show up 30-45 minutes before your class.


Upcoming Classes






Session # 4


30 Minute 


May 18 - June 25

May 15  $115


Session  # 5

30 minute 


July 6 - Aug. 13   

July 3   $115



* All Refunds are subject to a $25.00 administration fee




Class Curriculum (Bicycle or Inline helmets mandatory for skaters 5 and under)

Snowplow I: (Ages 4-5) Skaters learn how to sit and stand up, and march and glide across the ice.

Snowplow II: (Ages 5-6) Or those who have completed Snowplow I. Skaters start backward skating.

Basic I: For ages 7 and older just learning to skate. Skaters will learn backward skating, forward swizzles, and snowplow stops.

Basic II: For skaters who have completed Basic I. Skaters will learn one foot glides, two foot turns, moving snowplow stop, and start forward crossovers.

Basic III: Skaters will learn correct forward stroking, backward one foot glides, forward crossovers, start outside and inside edges, start backwards crossovers.

Basic IV: Skaters will learn backward crossovers, outside and inside edges, spirals, and start one foot spins.

Freestyle Class: This class is designed for the more advanced skater. Skaters will learn beginning jumps and spins. Please contact the director of figure skating for more information on our freestyle program.

ADULT CLASSES (Wrist Guards mandatory for Adult skaters)

Adult I & II: For the adult skater with little or no experience. Skaters will learn the basics of forward and backward skating, stopping, and turns.

Adult III & IV: For the more advanced adult skater interested in learning forward and backward crossovers, footwork, beginning spins, and advanced stroking.